Testimonials i, II, III


Production included the use of stone lithography, ball-grained aluminum plates, and photographic plates.

Illustrations found in children’s books and scientific literature from the early to mid twentieth century represent figurative elements that enter my printmaking practise.  Part of my amusement with these illustrations is their qualities of line and character, as well as the lithographic processes used to produce the books.  I enjoy removing these illustrations from their original context and implying subverted meanings.  A queer identifying theme and reflections on my personal character typically emerge.  I enjoy manipulating the undertones of masculinity and gender identification in the images I have found. 

Qualities of mark making, randomness, and play with colour are prevalent in what I produce. 


This triptych of lithographs were produced with assistance from an Arts Nova Scotia Creation Grant.  Production began in Berlin, Germany and was concluded in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Testimonial I



Testimonial II



Testimonial III


Testimonial I, Testimonial II, Testimonial III, colour lithographs, 12 x 12 inch, 2014

  • Hand-pulled lithographic print
  • 8 colours


Documentation of the prints in progress at the Druckwerkstatt im Kulturwerk des bbk Berlin.  


Photographs by Shane McMillian.


Photographs by Martin Rümmler.


Cellphone sketchbook progress photos.