This print was produced as part of a portfolio exchange between the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design and the Alberta College of Art and Design.

Lithography, like many fine art mediums, has volumes of technique and ways of proceeding to the final product.  It is exceedingly common to place excess craft and technique in a piece.  I am prone to a passion for procedure, excessive or obnoxious colour choices, and protracted methodology.  I struggle to find the creative choices that will clearly express my intent.  While making TOO MUCH I disregarded all notions of what would be proper and allowed all impulses to occur.  The result is perfect by my definition.  As in my life, a plethora of too many things led to a sense of balance and contentment.  

With a self-prescribed theme, this print was open to freeform expression.  Following the theme and titling of TOO MUCH, I ventured to fulfill the given task with full gusto.  The paper was suffocated with nine printing runs.  Both stone and photo-lithographic plates were used to produce the hand-pulled print.  The combination of traditional and digital matrix production allowed for enriched layer development.




TOO MUCH, colour lithograph, 11 x 15 inch, 2012

  • Hand-pulled lithographic print
  • 9 colours
  • Hand-applied metallic copper pigment
  •  Rives BFK white, lightweight
  • Edition of 35