Dine by design east 2013, curated for nscad university
Halifax, Nova Scotia

What is this room?!

 Is it too much?!

This dining room was never meant to be reflective of a usable space for dining.  The university wanted to feature ceramic dinnerware items from the President’s Collection.  Immediately, thoughts of a Wunderkammern (Curiosity Cabinet) with fantastical items on display came to mind.

Unraveled is an unconventional look at what is found in various dining environments.  Placement of items, with cutlery stuck to the wall and placed on banners, inverts their typical use.  There is an air of the fantastical present.

There is a bit of chaos, a bit of the extraordinary, and no lack of exercise for the eyeballs.  The hope is questions arise in the viewer while they are observing this dining installation.  Does the beauty of the ceramic balance the commotion of the tiny space?  Is the curiosity of the viewer peeked by what is on display?  Is the element of craft apparent in the preparation of the space?  Do the unique qualities of N.S.C.A.D. shine through?

With the right opportunity, this space would be accompanied by musical libations of Dave Brubeck, Keith Jarrett, Bill Evans, and other jazz greats.  Brubeck’s compositions are complex constructions that often have multiple time signatures.  This should be too much; the song should fall apart.  The opposite happens, the complexity builds on itself and Brubeck knows the perfect methods to balance the equation.

So, this dining installation may be too much in comparison to the other rooms present.  However, the aim was to take very drastic elements and blend them together until just the right mix was concocted.

It may not be to everyone’s taste.  However, guests were invited to indulge a bit in its excessiveness.